BMX Racing Group owns a set of premium, high performance brands, each targeting a specific niche in the BMX bikes and Racing components markets. Each company delivers the highest quality of products to fit a current void in BMX racing, as well as continue to develop and design proprietary items to advance the technology of the current state of BMX race components.


CHASE Bicycles was created to bring the BMX racing world a new standard for the Elite level of BMX racing frames and complete bikes. No gimmicks, just straightforward technological advancements to offer you the lightest and stiffest frames. These advantages allow you to get all the human generated power to the ground, and give you the biggest advantage offered from any current BMX frame : The winning advantage.


ELEVN Racing offers hi-end racing products specifically designed to give you the best handling characteristics for BMX racing. These products are made from technology advanced materials such as butted aircraft quality chromoly and CNC’nd alloys, and we have designed each product to be precise to perform at the Elite level with our vast knowledge of Pro racing to be the best parts available for BMX Racing.


INSIGHT BMX Technologies has a full line of straight forward, BMX race ready parts. With perfect design and incredible graphics, the Insight line was designed for you, the racer in mind. Insight has a continually expanding line of products, including Handlebars, Forks, Cranks, Seats, Chainrings, Grips, and much more. Each of the parts are designed with attention to detail, as well as bringing color and graphic excitement to your BMX bike. Highlight your bike with Insight, and stand out from the crowd, the perfect upgrade for your BMX race bike.


POSITION ONE Bikes offers you one of the best BMX bikes for your first step to the winners circle in BMX racing! Getting started in BMX can a complicated thing, but Position One Bikes has made it easy for you. We have taken the same race ready geometry from our championship winning brand, Chase Bicycles, loaded it with some excellent components, and have done all the work to get you on track, on what we feel is the best entry racing complete bike for a great price.


EXCESS Components offers a range of products that have been tested and ridden by pro riders. Items such as our wheels sets, give you the look of a custom, hand built one off set of wheels for BMX racing without the high price tag. Our line of other products, from Hubs, Cranks, Spokes, freewheels, and more give riders the option to use the products with confidence knowing that it has passed the true test of any BMX racing items, the rigorous demands of Pro riders.


KINGSTAR Components offers a full range of great BMX racing products that will get you started on your way to a fully custom BMX racing machine. Value was a goal in mind when the items were produced, but there was no skimping on the design and function of these Pro level BMX race part line. Our full line of BMX parts will complement and BMX frame.