Mar 2013

The 2nd stop of the 2013 USA BMX tour was held this past weekend just outside Tampa, Florida at the ultra smooth Oldsmar track. The season started last weekend in Phoenix for the Elite riders, with one of the biggest events in the recent years and the largest turnout for the Elite riders. Switching to the East Coast this weekend, the Elite riders all followed the USA BMX tour and the national was held with perfect weather conditions and an even ore perfect crowd of East Coast BMX families, coming out to see the Worlds best Elite BMX racers. Connor Fields was excited to make the trip and show off his skills and Chase RSP 1.0 bike.

Things started off on Friday night for the Elite riders, as there was a UCI North American Continental Championship event. This event was limited to Elite riders from North America and had a huge turnout. Connor made his way into the final, where he would race with not only the 2 other Team USA Olympians from 2012, but as well with Canada’s national Champion/Olympian and 4 other top riders. As the gate fell, Connor was not in his usual top spot and had to try to battle from behind. Going into the 2nd turn, Connor had an inside line that wasn’t ideal for carrying his speed on the way out and was in a tight grouping. He looked for a move to get ahead, but instead realized it was best to just slow down to avoid crashing. Connor would shut it down after a near crash and would finish 8th. No USA BMX title points were on the line, so he decided to move into the weekends format injury free and go for the podium where it mattered for the overall Title chase.

Day1GatorSaturday was the UCI / USA BMX National event and it was time for Connor to be back on track with all of the worlds top racers. As the qualifiers would tick off during the day, Connor was out front or near the lead each lap, through all the motos, quarter and semi finals. When it can time to load up for the main event, the best 8 from the field of 48 riders were ready to go for the victory. As the gate dropped, it was Sam Willoughby, the current USA BMX #1 Pro with a slight edge over Connor and Corben Sharrah and the 3 would battle all the way to the finish, where Sam would take the win, Corbin in 2nd, and Connor 3rd. It would be the 3rd main event of the season for Connor and his 3rd podium appearance.

Sunday would be a test for the riders not only being the 3rd day of racing for some, but with the time change ahead, Day2Gatorlosing an hour of sleep. As things started off, it appeared that the circumstances would have a positive effect on Connor, as he was out front of every race he was in, all throughout the day, on his way once again to the main event. Connor would battle with Sam again, this time, the 2 were almost side by side around the track. A strong surge by both riders down the last straightway would be the difference from 1st to 2nd and Sam was able to edge out Connor at the line. Tory Nyhaug was just behind the top 2 at the finish for the 3rd. This was the last event for the Elite riders on the weekends schedule, and it would wrap up another great weekend for Connor, as his 2nd overall for the day keeps him on the podium once again and at all 4 stops of the USA BMX tour for 2013.

Connor and the USA BMX Tour have 1 weekend off, then the racing schedule resumes in Desoto, Texas for the 3rd stop for the Elite riders. Look for Connor and the Chase BMX support crew to be in attendance at one of the USA’s premier BMX racing facilities on March 22-24th.