Jan 2012

Day 3 is all wrapped up here in Nerang, with Connor taking the win! What a great weekend of racing for him, with a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.

Day 2 finished up over at the Nerang Bmx National event on the Gold Coast in Australia, with it being another good day for Connor, as he finished up 2nd for the day, just behind Khaylen Young in Elite Men.
Today was a UCI Cat 4 race, giving Connor Fields some more great UCI World Ranking Points, to go along with yesterdays 3rd place finish.

Connor will also be racing tomorrow at Nerang for the Open Pro national. Next event for Connor race wise will be Oldsmar, FL ABA USA BMX in early next month.

Elite Mens results Day 2
1st @Khalenyoung 2nd @cfields 3rd @SW91 4th @BrianKirkham42