Mar 2011

Elevn BMX offers a full range of 4130 chromoly forks perfect for the demands of a BMX Supercross track, but light enough (Pro Lite-25.9 Ounces) to keep your bike weight low & you faster on the track. Double butted, tapered legs, CNC machined dropouts, and a double butted steer tube with alloy stem lock cap make this one incredible fork.
Offered in black or white: Pro Lite has 6 sticker color options. Pro, Pro 24, Expert, & Mini/Junior come in black with White Stickers or white with Black stickers only

Elevn BMX Forks are already on some of the world’s top racers & teams :
Mike Day, Donny Robinson, Connor Fields, Factory Felt, Dutch National Team, Ramiro Marino, New Zealand National Team, Tony Hoffman, Gavin Lubbe, Robert Rio Frio, Eric Rupe, Javier Colombo, and Agusto Castro.