Dec 2013

With the 2013 USA BMX National series coming to a end, the Grand nationals would determine the overall pro ranking for the Elite riders. Connor Fields went into the event with a very slim chance of being able to take the overall title, but it would be out of his control, as Sam Willoughby would need not to make the final Main event and Connor would need to win the Friday national event.

Connor0426005With 37 of the Worlds fastest Elite riders in attendance, Connor would have a tight battle all day, but he made his was to the main event on Friday. The USA BMX main event is a 3 main format, and it was a tight battle for the overall win as the riders lined up for the 3rd and final main event. As the gate dropped, Connor found himself in 2nd on the track and he needed to pass the lead rider for a chance at the days overall win and to have a shot at the USA BMX National #1 title, things looked as they were lining up his way, but as Connor went for a last turn pass, he entered the turn a little too fast, and wound up crashing, ending his shot at both the days and year end overall win. Connor would finish up 4th for the day. 

IMG_8802051On Saturday, the Pro riders once again lined up to race the beautifully sculptured USA BMX Grand Nationals track. Connor once again rode strong through the day and moved onto the nights pro Spectacular program. With one of the most stacked semis, Connor once again made his way into the main event, making this a perfect season for him making every USA BMX main event that he entered in 2013. 
Again, the 3 main event format would test the best Pro riders in BMX and Connor would have a consistent night, finishing up 3rd overall for the night. This would score him enough points to finish up the 2013 USA BMX Pro season ranked 2nd overall, behind the 2013 Champion, Sam Willoughby.
Connor has had a great season, with winning the UCI BMX Elite Mens Time Trail World Championships, winning the overall UCI BMX Supercross World Cup title, and now wrapping up the 2013 USA BMX season, 2nd overall. Connor will finish up his 2013 BMX racing season in 2 weeks, as he heads over to France for the ST-ETIENNE indoor race on December 14-15th.