Jul 2011

After a long recovery from an injured knee, and just 4 months after surgery, Connor Fields shows his true determination and ability, as he fought his way into what was called the toughest and most talent filled Mens Elite Main event at the UCI BMX World Championships, this past Saturday, July 30th in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Connor started things off, as he qualified his way into the race, as well as the Super Final Time Trails on Friday, with the 6th fastest time.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Connor started his quest by winning and being up front in all 3 of his motos and 1/4 final. In the semi final, Connor looked to be edged out of the lead, but just as he entered the first turn, he chose the perfect line and carried optimum speed in, and edge out all the other riders and took the lead. Connor winning the semi was the most impressive race for him, and help put behind him all the pain, suffering, and rehab he has gone through with his injury. With 2nd gate pick in the main, Connor was between Marc Willers and Marris Strombergs, so it was an all for broke situation on the start, and this time Connor was edged out and had to take to the back to race his way around to a 7th in the Elite Mens main event. Connor later stated “I already felt like a winer, just getting into the gate for the main event. Thanks to Chase BMX & USA Cycling for standing behind while I was injured, and this is just the start of the season for me! I cant wait for the UCI SX in London in 3 week!”

Thanks to all of our team supporters that make the Chase team such as standout: Excess Wheels, Shimano, Fly Racing, Kicker, Elevn, Insight, Tioga, Thomson, ODI, Kingstar.