Jun 2013

The BMX Racing Group (BRG) is proud to announce the support of the UCI World Cycling Center (WCC) BMX division in Aigle, Switzerland. BRG will become a new frame and components partner for the BMX Racing program.

Riders attending the WCC are able to use some of the best products in BMX offered from BRG, including Chase BMX Frames, Elevn Racing Components, Insight Soft goods, and Excess Wheels.

We here at BRG are excited to partner up with the UCI WCC. Thomas Allier has further developed an already great program that UCI has had in place and taken it to the next level. Riders at the WCC are now able to use BRG products on their efforts to help in their further development in the sport of BMX racing. We look forward to being a part of such a great program for many years to come!” stated by Pete Dylewski, Strategic Partner at BMX.

The World Cycling Center Coach, BMX Legend Thomas Allier, has assembled a group of 16 young athletes, that train on the UCI’s Supercross track, built on site at the UCI and World Cycling Center office property, and have access to some of the best training and equipment to help accelerate the talent each of the riders possesses. The main objective of the WCC is to detect and train the most promising athletes so that they reach international level.

“With Chase BMX Frames, Elevn Racing Components, Insight, and Excess Wheels I have the feeling, we offer to our riders at the WCC the best bikes and parts on the market. We really like the design and quality and I hope it’s the start of a long term relationship” noted Thomas Allier of the World Cycling Centre (WCC),which houses the headquarters of the International Cycling Union, is a high-level coaching and training centre. It is noted for its modern facilities and is located in an ideal environment for cycling. Designed for riders, coaches and cycling managers, the WCC has been given the label « Olympic Training Centre » by the IOC.

About the UCI WCC
The main mission of the International Cycling Union (UCI) is to promote cycling on the five continents, in all disciplines (road, track, mountain bike, BMX, para-cycling, cyclo-cross, trials and indoor cycling) and on all levels. The development of Elite competition is the central objective of all the development actions led by the UCI WCC. For elite cycling to continue to encourage cycling amateurs, practicing or non-practicing, and to inspire the young, it is vital that all groups that make up our sport function correctly. The elite come from the grass-roots level; champions cannot develop their potential without competent coaches; to exist, athletes must be able to depend on solid structures.

About BRG
The BMX Racing Group was created to bring to the BMX market Hi-End BMX racing parts that are needed in the pursuit to win. BRG brings together some of the finest people the BMX Industry has to offer to create such items. The 2 main partners in the Group are: Christophe Leveque, one of the most historic BMX riders to have ever graced a BMX Bike and one of the BMX Industries most experienced and successful marketing professional, Pete Dylewski.
We stand behind our products 100% and are here to listen to you, the riders on what you’d like to see for us to produce to help you get the winning edge. BRG is proud to offer products that have been designed by a past BMX World & National Champion Christophe Leveque meet to his high standards and are proudly offered to BMXers world wide!

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