Sep 2016

The 2017 Chase Element complete bikes are now in stock and shipping out to your favorite bike shops world wide!

BMX racing at its highest level comes down to mere fractions of a second for the win. Winning the Olympics, the UCI World Championship and USA BMX #1 Pro titles are no easy task, but aboard a Chase BMX frame, it seems to be a bit easier. Joris Daudet and Connor Fields have both won many races and titles aboard Chase BMX RSP 3.0 frames, and when it came time to design the Chase Element frame and complete bikes, we stuck with that winning geometry and Hydroformed frame design.

The Element offers our exclusive Aero Pivotal seat post and Aero clamping system. Hi-end features include a 6 Pawl, Duel Engagement system with 90 points of engagement, Excess LSP 2 Piece Cranks, 6061 CNC’nd Element Stem, and Elevn Pivotal Seat. Tioga PowerBlock & PowerBand Tires, Shimano Deore LX Brakes System, Sun Envy rims, KMC Chain, Insight 4 Bolt Chain Wheel.

See the complete line here: 2017 Chase Element Bikes